Pauli Turunen

I am a very polite and analytical gentleman with an indomitable spirit, and I also happen to be a top athlete. My strengths lie in good leadership and judgment skills. Furthermore, I specialize in international sales management and gathering intelligence.

In addition to what life has taught me over the past 30 years, I have received a lot of experience by being active in the business world as well as in communal and entrepreneurial circles, and also by participating in international study programs, all of which is now available for your use. Over the years I have made powerful contacts to all continents, especially to the USA, Russia, and the Middle East. In addition to my business studies, I have studied leadership skills, behavioral profile coaching, and management of public organizations through different programs. Also, I have studied languages and cultures, tactics and strategy, and the art of operational skills– all of these with flying colors. Moreover, I am very interested in the future of international media and communications, education, problems related to safety and security, investment trends, as well as well-being, healthcare, and medical technology, with a special interest in e-health solutions.

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Tuomas Holma

My specialty is the development and internationalization of start-up companies.

Being born and raised in an entrepreneurial family, having different positions within sales and marketing, as well as an active role in entrepreneurship societies have given me an understanding of what kinds of realities new enterprises face. This type of experience helps me a lot in finding solutions that are both beneficial and realistic. I have always sworn to the name of networking and because of this I have developed a strong network especially into Asian markets that I find promising for Finnish companies.
Also, I have written internationally published articles on organizational development.

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Tanja Pesonen

I am Tanja, a 36-year-old proud mother of five. My background is in nursing and I have a higher degree in Health Care Development and Management. I have been working mainly in health care clinics, most recently as the head nurse of a department. My role in the ValueThing team is to bring the know-how of a public and private healthcare professional. I am a very positive and enthusiastic person who is looking forward to working with your concept!

-Reach for Your Dreams!-

Hey! My motivation stems from three things: the possibility to influence my surroundings, personal development and inspiring encounters. I have held several positions in organizations, as well as in business; sparring teams or individuals to realize their goals. I experienced my vocational awakening at the intersection of design and business development. My special skills are storytelling, personal coaching, networking activities as well as research and development. I am also aiming to awake dormant talents that their true potential could be realized.

From the organizational activities, as well as through personal interest I have accumulated extensive insight from different arenas. Especially from the Finnish and international Start-Up scene. In addition, I love discussions related to philosophy, astronomy or business policies.

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